The Glories of Gluten-Free Desserts

For those who have celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis, or a milder sensitivity to glutens, finding food products safe to eat is of paramount importance for their quality of life. Unprocessed meat, vegetables, and fruit take little effort to find, but desserts and baked goods that won't cause a reaction must usually be sought out under a specialty label.
Gluten Free Cupcakes
Luckily, there are many delicious options today. As awareness of celiac disease and other wheat sensitivities has grown, so has the number of sources for gluten-free food products. Some major grocery stores are now stocking their shelves with wholesale gluten-free items. While bread had been the primary focus of these wholesalers previously, the number of different food items available has recently exploded. With all of these growing options, a sweet tooth does not have to suffer.

As bakeries have become more creative with cupcake designs and flavors, gluten-free cupcakes have been rising through the ranks. They are typically made with rice flour, although flours made from tapioca and potato starch can also be used. These decadent treats are often just as moist and flavorful as their wheat counterparts. A bakery that specializes in such desserts or provides wholesale gluten-free products to other outlets is often the best place to turn to for premium cupcakes. Specialized experience as well as a kitchen environment free of allergens are the primary reasons why these bakeries are preferable.
The convenience of cupcakes can't be underestimated, particularly when considering special dietary needs. As each cupcake is an individual serving, those with sensitivities or restrictions can have a dessert with their personal needs in mind. The individualization of cupcakes is likely one reason why they have become so popular recently. Large events such as wedding receptions do not need to provide a single cake that would match all of the dietary needs of the guests when individual cupcakes can be offered for those with sensitivities and restrictions instead.
Gluten Free Brownies
Full-sized cakes without glutens are available as well. These are often used for events that have multiple guests with some form of wheat sensitivity, but such desserts can be satisfying even for those who can eat wheat products.

Gluten-free cookies are another popular dessert item. Oatmeal cookies are an especially easy option, although caution must be taken. Because oats are stored in bulk, they are occasionally contaminated with wheat, rye, or other sources of gluten. Gluten-free oats are available and are the only type used by gluten-free bakeries.
Even without wheat, there are many satisfying choices for desserts, often conveniently prepackaged on a shelf or in the grocer's freezer.